Good Salt

Salt Can Be Good


When most of us think of using salt our first thoughts turn to it as primarily a seasoning. Salt can actually have some amazing restorative properties when it comes to our health and people have been using it for years to solve a number of different health issues. Not only are there a number of treatments used for health concerns through salt but there are a number of spot treatments that encourage people to sit in a room lined with salt the condition their bodies and improve their health.
Salt has been shown to improve our energy levels, reduce congestion, aid with osteoporosis and other issues as well as assist with our organic sodium levels. Salt has even been shown to assist with digestive issues as well. People who suffer from constipation and indigestion can occasionally see results by including salt into their diet or exposing their bodies to regular salt treatments.
The big misunderstanding when it comes to salt is in types of salt. The consumption of table salt can actually lead to a number of health concerns because it is so heavily processed. The average table salt has been treated with over 1500° to kill off bacteria and to make sure that it’s stable in all climates. Salt is also chemically cleansed and process and by the time it is found on a dinner table it’s almost impossible for our bodies to digest. Unrefined salt or on processed sodium occurs naturally in our bodies and it’s essential for good health but table salt is a type of salt that can actually lead to negative health effects rather than positives.
You can include unrefined natural salt into your routine in a number of different ways. You can start to use unrefined salt as part of your cooking, in a special body scrub, in a neti pot through inhalation or as you bathe in Epson salts. Including salt as a potential remedy or regularly in your routine can help to improve your health and neutralize various harmful effects and acids in our body. Try the healing effects of salt today and remember that it’s the heavily processed table salts that are unhealthy not unrefined pure salt.